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Why women like to be dominated or dominate men

Dominant Women

Some historic facts vs today world

Domination isn’t something new or modern, it is programmed in our nature from the beginning and we can see that in ancient times. All males in the animal world are very dominating and often aggressive towards females. As to humans, male domination has been a part of patriarchy for centuries.

It’s one of the reasons why the majority of women enjoy being subs on a genetic level. Also, biologically, a man is bigger and stronger so a woman seems to be created to accept his power, and enjoy obedience.

However, patriarchy wasn’t a constant part of society. During the matriarchy, the opposite social phenomenon, sexual female dominancy wasn’t rare. Researchers list the Elamite civilization, Scythia, and Trypilla culture as ancient centres of matriarchate. The predominance of a supreme goddess was typical there. Deeply submissive men shall be descendants of those cultures!

There are six matriarchal societies in a modern world: Moscuo on the border of Tibet; Minangkabau in Indonesia; Akan in Ghana; Bribri in Costa Rica; Nagovisi in New Guinea; and Garo in Tibet. Marriage isn’t even nationalized in most of these communities. A women chooses with whom to sleep, and this chosen man is allowed to do this or that in a bed, but he must leave in the morning or right after the sexual act. Often, the partners don’t live together and in any case, a woman doesn’t serve all man’s domestic needs like in our culture. There are even more communities that tend to be matriarchal, in Burma, China, India, Vietnam, and among Native Americans.

Now you see that nothing is one-sided and categorical, the world is still too different to try to put it into frames. However, if we grew in a strictly patriarchal or equal society, but our preferences differ from that general system, there are psychological reasons for that.

pleasure of dominating men.

Dominant women personals known to everyone  

Angelina Jolie seems to be a switch who enjoyed being a sub in her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton but who turned to a compete dom with Brad Pitt. Some psychologists think their problems in marriage are rooted in the fact that Brad perceived Angelina’s dominancy as a game and enjoyed only a light form of BDSM without being a real devoted sub. The absence of admiration and obedience that she needed so much on a deepest level, brought her to anorexia and depression.

Legendary Joan Jett used to be a switch too but she obviously preferred to dominate both male and female partners in her youth.

Nicole Kidman once confessed about her fetish experiments in a relationship, and it’s so easy to recognize a perfect dom in her. Her husband Keith Urban confirmed in his interviews and lyrics of the songs that she is a maniac in the bed, very active and controlling.

Carmen Electra is a famous switch but she makes a gorgeous dominatrix with her beauty and super confidence.

An actress and comedian Margaret Cho is known to be a queer Asian dominatrix. It was one of the reasons why she became popular so quickly.

American actress, model, and artist Amber Rose doesn’t even hide her passion towards being a dominatrix. Her choice is very powerful and financially successful men who turn into little begging bitches under her riding crop.

Now what about less famous women who choose to be a dom: what makes them do so?

Hot dominant women

The psychological roots of female dominancy

Hot dominant women can be met on many dating sites and apps, as well as in real-life specialized clubs and spots.

For sure, there are certain reasons why girls from patriarchal society turned to be doms, and some of those reasons will surprise you:

  1. The most trivial reason is genetics. We never know who our ancestors were, as ancient tribes have travelled a lot instead of staying on one place. It’s no surprise some of the dominant girls, especially Black or Asian, are descendants of matriarchal tribes. That’s why they literally cannot control their desire.
  2. Another frequent reason is a mother’s example. Every girl who had a very bossy mother, will unwillingly try to copy her behaviour and reproduce it in a sexual sphere. It brings them the feeling of deep satisfaction and harmony which they cannot really explain.
  3. Some gorgeous women are rather created to be a switch or even a sub, but due to their negative experience with men, they stop trusting them enough to let them be in charge. That’s more frequent than we can imagine. Consequently, those bright queens of love turn to doms and stay within BDSM culture so dear to their heart.
  4. Finally, many girls choose to be a dominatrix just to make good money. The majority of them reportedly place lower positions at work and need to compensate that in a sexual sphere. However, no one enters this door without a deeper reason. All professional doms later confess they are getting the keenest pleasure of dominating men.

Kinkoo app, particularly, was positioned as “the best app for kinksters” thanks to developers’ efforts, but these efforts obviously weren’t very efficient. Only some of the users are satisfied, even taking into account that it’s free. How to explain that?

First of all, Kinkoo is effective only in the biggest cities of the US, also in London and Ottawa along with a few other capitals but habitants of smaller towns have no chance to find someone locally through it. It’s a frequent problem of many dating apps.

Now, what about the pricing? Many people complain about the cost of hookup apps but we believe such specialized fields as BDSM should be limited by a paid membership like closed clubs. In this case, the number of fraudulent accounts and simply-curious time wasters will be reduced. There are membership-based kinky apps that are quite successful and high-rated. But as we see from an example of Kinkoo, free status doesn’t resolve all problems. Quite the opposite, it attracts all kinds of scammers and catfishers. The photo verification feature doesn’t work properly either. Dominant women personals

Reportedly, Kinkoo app is often misused by golddiggers as a sugar daddy app although it’s ridiculous. Kinky subculture is for those who enjoy it but not for someone who says “tie me and hurt me but pay me well”. There is still a credit system in the app but it’s very affordable for everyone including scammers. It proves that kinky apps and other specialized apps shouldn’t give their services for free.

Another problem is that customer support team is very passive. They reply or comment only rarely without trying to help. This kind of attitude never works for keeping the rate high. If the current team improves the attitude or if it’s replaced with a more enthusiastic one then the app will finally deserve its unofficial title “Tinder for kinksters”.

After all, how can it possibly be a full-fledged BDSM / fetish application if it doesn’t allow to clearly express someone’s preferences in the profile? Due to this problem, reportedly, many users have to indicate both dominating and submissive categories as it isn’t clear what they represent and what they prefer. This issue also bothers us on some other kinky apps but, unlike Kinkoo, they compensate it with valuable advantages.

“I enjoy dominant women but only because I live in a big popular city and because it’s free. If their membership was expensive, I wouldn’t join and if I lived in a countryside, I would have zero chances to find other kinksters with its help. In fact, there are special clubs in all big cities where one can find new people and satisfy his appetites so online search is just an extra opportunity. But this app is ok and most of my friends are using it.” (Peter, 42, LA)

“I am a bit disappointed by BDSM apps but I see no other alternatives. It suggests to me the matches who are 500 miles away but other apps are doing the same. At least, this one doesn’t crash or freeze every time I’m using it, and I enjoy exchanging virtual gifts with other users when we are too busy to talk. I had several unforgettable BDSM meetings and events with its help but something lacks to call it awesome. Well, we have what we have, at least it’s free or inexpensive if to use the credits, so I am probably wasting my time but not my money.” (Veronica, 31, Phoenix)