Top 5 apps to meet dominant women (Brilic, Tinder, LOVOO, Luxy, Wild+)

Top Dating Apps

Now there are more and more sites and applications for Dating on the Internet, as well as social networks where men and women meet to continue a romantic relationship. The girl is registered on such sites, knowing that he wants to meet with an interesting and decent man. And when there is mutual sympathy, it is more often focused on building serious relations, and not on fleeting intimacy.

Brilic: Serious Dating

to be successful in a data application, you need to realize the purpose of its use. And success is only your own perception of your satisfaction. Neither the number of couples nor the number of dates on the awareness of a successful not affect. Only the fact of realization of the purpose influences.brilic dating app

No need to rush to extremes and immediately declare their intentions. Feel the ground on the first few messages and understand what a person is looking for. If your paths don’t match, say good-bye and don’t disappoint each other. Brilic: Serious Dating has a complicated algorithm for matching partners, and if many girls delete couples with you at about the same stage of correspondence, the algorithm for you can start working differently, which will reduce your efficiency in the application. In addition, if you have received a complaint from many girls, employees can read exactly the parts of the correspondence that have received complaints and take action.

Every user in a Dating app has a goal, according to which he or she either subconsciously or consciously and deliberately chooses a relevant strategy of self-presentation. Some are looking for a serious relationship, others-short-term relationship, the third-a partner for lunch or dog walking, the fourth – sex without commitment, and the rest generally stick in the application of boredom and compare this type of leisure with flipping Instagram feed.


A curious fact: about half of Tinder users have a partner or even are in a marital relationship. Polls show that many open Tinder in waiting areas (public transport, Elevator, queue) to somehow entertain themselves. This is a fairly large group of people who fall into both halves – are in a relationship and are in active search. But there are other 25 million Tinder users who still seriously dream of finding a partner.

Tinder app

According to research:

  • 45% of users are between 25 and 34 years’ old
  • 38% – from 16 to 24
  • about 1/3 of users are married
  • 12% – have a partner


Applications in the market of Dating a lot. Now we will look at LOVOO, because it is the most popular and technically simple.

lovoo date app

So, if you periodically sit in LOVOO, chat, but almost never go offline, then most likely, your goal-to have fun. Note that, if simplified, users are divided into 2 types:

  • with beautiful photos and text description
  • with one photo without text description.

This is called a self-presentation strategy. Sociologists think LOVOO is a good platform for experimenting with self-identity, and the representation of yourself, the visual narrative in your profile, can change along with the purpose of using the app.

Wild+ Casual Hook up Dating

With the help of 6 available photos, a person seeks to show himself from different angles, to demonstrate his interests and Hobbies, to create his own portrait, according to which a potential partner can judge whether further communication is possible. So if you like a man with one photo (selfie in bed), then, first, most likely, you will have a match, because this man likes everyone, and secondly, he will not write to you. Just because he is not looking for anything – it is interesting to look at the girls, take time.

Wild+ Casual Hook up Dating

Fact: women almost don’t like men who have no text.

If a man puts the photos with a clear demonstration of his body and muscles (do in about 7% of men), do not judge strictly – this is his strategy to find sex and to eliminate the girls who are looking for big and pure love. Imagine how many extra disappointments were both men and women, if men were looking only for sex for one night, liked all the girls in a row, and then in each correspondence would have to explain its real purpose. That is why such a protective mechanism in the form of a half-naked photo allows you to achieve your goal in the application most effectively.

Important: If a man is looking for something serious, he often States this in the text-description.

It is also important to have a real name, age and University – thanks to these details, it is easier for a potential partner to get to know you and feel trust. The logic here is simple: if a person hides something in his profile, then in real communication it can turn into something more.

In the study of users Wild + Casual Hook up Dating conducted in-depth interviews with men and girls from 18 to 30 years. The interview process was an experiment: each girl was shown the same types of men’s profiles to comment on each. In particular, one of the types – the use of male animal in the photo to create a touching effect. As a result, the participants of the interview, who were 18-19 years old and who went on dates with couples from Wild+ Casual Hook updating 1-2 times, noted the photo of a bearded man lying on the bed with a cat, like, because they considered it “cute”. And the participants, who were 26-28 years old and who went on dates more than 10 times, noted the photo disliked, because the man on it looked “absolutely not serious.” The General results of these interviews show that experienced users of Wild+ Casual Hook up Dating female approach in more detail to the study of the profile of a potential partner-more consider the photos and see the messages transmitted by the author. Less experienced do not notice the nuances and judge by the overall picture, without delving into the subtext.

Luxy -Millionaire Dating App

According to sociologist Jessica Carbino, many users do not know how to present themselves, but would like to improve their profiles. Women do not tend to respond to messages from overly handsome men, and men, on the contrary, it is preferable to respond to messages more beautiful women. This is due to the fact that for women excessive beauty is associated with arrogance and narcissism. Such observation can help men to make their profile more meaningful without placing too large photos of the face and photos that represent success due to such attributes as a suit, a car and a watch.

Luxy - Millionaire Dating

If you do not have a goal in the application, do not bother and calmly upload a selfie from the bedroom. This will reduce the number of matches, but since there is no goal, it will not lead either to happiness or disappointment.

If the purpose of sex – bragging about it directly. Men can publish a photo without a t-shirt, which clearly used the technique of sexual conversation. Women can disguise it more mysteriously-for example, in the format of thematic shooting in leather underwear or with Bunny ears. In the text-description, you can specify the height and weight. This will give users to understand what you are looking for, and you will not knock strangers with suggestions to go to the movies. But be careful – the Dating market is becoming less anonymous, and all your photos may one day emerge in the public space.

If the goal is a serious relationship, take care of the quality of your photos. There should be several of them in different angles. It can be a selfie, a photo from a trip, and a photo from a restaurant. It is undesirable to share with you in the frame there are other people. It is also not recommended to post photos taken in the mirror, especially if it is a photo from the Elevator or the toilet of the shopping center.

The most optimal format for men and women – a photo of the middle plan in warm colors, made in good light, where you can clearly see the face and part of the figure. The person must be calm, natural, no grins and bright emotions.

According to research, user photos have a lot in common and can be typologies. Photo trends in the masses are glossy magazines, actors, opinion leaders. Many girls try to repeat poses, facial expressions, angles, which can be traced in Instagram accounts of Hollywood stars. But the men in the interview note that they are important naturalness, naturalness, sincerity. Feigned posturing, inappropriate entourage, “pulling legs forward to duckface” men say such comments as “this is ridiculous.” Therefore, please note that the naturalness of your photos can be estimated higher than the gloss. And yet, this does not mean that you can flaunt absolutely everything – it is better to emphasize the advantages, hide the shortcomings, without overdoing it and without creating disappointment in person.

What text should I add to my profile description?

For women, when choosing a partner, the presence of the text plays a crucial role, while men almost do not pay attention to it. It is more important for men to see, rather, something catchy – it can be anything, for example, a joke or a quote. Women are also important to weed out unpromising men, so from the profile description they want to get information about the age, place of education, Hobbies and goals in the application. You can write about your favorite books and movies – it will help to create a rough portrait of a person and find a common theme in order to start a conversation.

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