Why do men want sex and women

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Do women want to have sex the same as men?

Men want:

– Men want so that women as often as possible could agree to have sex;

– So that woman was the initiator of the sex;

– So that she would love sex and did not hesitate to show it;

– So it was nice to watch while making love.

Women want:

– To feel loved, cherished and protected;

– Ensure that the man with her gentle, he is ready to pamper and caress it;

– Touch her man as often as possible;

– To feel unique and very attractive;

– Talk to them about their feelings and experiences.

Why does smart women are unlucky in love? Maybe because they don’t agree to join adult singles Tennessee? There so many ways for a woman to get acquainted!

Sad but it is true – the smarter the woman, the harder it is to find happiness in her personal life. The thing is that women succeed much faster in their career and are financially independent. Therefore, with such women, if men do not meet the status and position, it will be very difficult for them. An interesting observation: smart people spend too much time on the analysis of the relationship, rather than plunge into the maelstrom of passion with head. Why not use the possibility that offers adult online chat Tennessee?

Why do women love when someone touches them?

On a woman’s body is more than 10 000 of tactile receptors. Men in this regard deprived: they have only 3000 receptors. This sensitivity helps women better understand the emotions and state of children. And this is why women are so fond of touching and fondling. Hugging, holding hands, touching your partner, stroke it – all this makes a woman truly happy. At the stage of courtship all men are willing to have similar non-sexual touch – probably because they know that the easiest way to persuade a woman to have sex.


How to make women want sex more often?

All men in the world can say that women very rarely initiate sex. You can talk to the man with words of love, cook his favorite meals and iron shirts, but this expression of love will be a sign to have sex.

To think what would happen to mankind if women would like sex as often as men want it. They would never have been able to focus on the care and education of children and would go constantly pregnant.


Today, many men are confident that demands of sex – it is their sacred right. But modern women don’t share this feeling. And the more the man insists, the less chance that he will get what he wants. There are other ways to satisfy your needs! Online sex – possibility that offers adult online dating Tennessee. However, there is more subtle approach. For women is foreplay. It is first of all emotions, the ability to feel wanted and loved. Most men do not realize that women are aroused from their kind husband, washing dishes, feeding children or folding laundry in the washing machine. After this women have strong surge of tenderness: a man who is preparing dinner or walking a dog – the best aphrodisiac. Between housework and sex there is a very close relationship, when woman needs care after work and at home, and her husband is the best stress killer. Then sex becomes her medicine.

Men … and women’s brains are quite different. Maybe that’s why women are so often accused by men of callousness and selfishness? But the ideal sex life develops when partners do not condemn each other’s needs.