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Dominant Women

You should start with the fact that what we meet every day, namely with the service. In Asian countries, work in this area implies not only a full return to the client, but also the position of the seller as a person of the company. Business etiquette in Asian countries is developed like in any other countries. For them, it is considered perfectly normal to hold your change in your hands while you take out your wallet or escort you to the exit of the store after you have made a purchase. Not all European service can boast of such attitude to the client.

The attitude towards public transport is different. In Europe, as in Asia, it is not customary to give way to certain categories of citizens, while, for example, in our country such behavior will be considered ignorance. In some Asian countries, the subway can be found specially designated for women cars, where men are not allowed. And this is due to the moments of safety and comfort. The tradition of entering public transport has the wildest differences: in Asian countries, before entering the car or bus, people line up in line, and in Europe in the crowd, which works on the principle: who had – and well done.

Why the difference is so huge

The biggest difference between Europeans and Latin dominant women is the love of the second to work at any age and conditions. In the head of every resident of Asian countries from birth instilled love for work. The biggest dream of any Japanese-to establish their own Empire, so they begin to work hard from a young age, putting the manga in the back box. For them, routine work in the office is something sacred and obligatory. As well as China, people are very hardworking, so there are so many different industries. More and more people around the world are buying goods produced in China.

Latin wife hardworking and persistent – hard studying and working, while not forgetting to create a home comfort. Without complaining of her husband’s modest income. She tries not to interfere in her husband’s relations with her exes, relatives and friends. Quite calmly accept the situation when instead of the planned campaign to the concert, her husband suspended the evening at the TV. It may not like it, just like any other woman, but Latin dominant women never going to be throwing tantrums about this, not a week to walk around with pouty lips, but calmly and with respect will report the next day about his sorrow over the incident.latin women

So whether all this, told by men about Asian wives actually, not sure. According to my observations, however, most Western men like Western women. Not Slavic. Not Asian. And they look for the same type in foreign women, but that they also loved at the same time. Even if quite almost not for that…

It is interesting that the Scandinavians first of all pay attention to… woman’s hair! Long, shiny, healthy female hair is very attractive for men of all countries. Not fancy hairstyles with styling, but just good hair. Western women have good hair because of:

  • healthy food,
  • proper care,
  • more time for herself.

A good female figure, of course, is important for men. The fragile figure of Russian dominant women, shy posture, graceful gait-very men are attracted. Even more attractive is the same in Western women. But more and more here those who follow the figure is not particularly. The minimum amount of makeup, exotic appearance and a mysterious look of dark eyes work much better than a protruding bust, tight blouses and a friend – Photoshop.russian sex women

In men wealthy and held in addition, there is another serious requirement – a competent command of the English language. Not at the level of ” bring-bring”, but at a decent level, so that you can talk about the beauty of the landscape, the moral qualities of colleagues, the merits of Golf compared to tennis. Education in Russian countries has long been rebuilt in favor of learning English at a good level, most Russian dominant women pretty well speak English.

The method of solving problems and conflicts is also different. Asian dominant women prefer methods of force, and the inhabitants of the European part of the world are trying to reach an agreement and take into account the mutual benefits and interests. The Europeans let the force, and Asians are subject. In the European mentality, for the most part, it is enough that the person was smart to enjoy respect and have credibility. In the Asian worldview, a person must seem strong, and only in this case he will inspire honor and authority.

Resting in warm places, Europeans often “twist love” with middle Eastern gentlemen (Turks and Arabs) — and this is often discussed. But about Europeans, including Russians, in this regard, nothing is known. Meanwhile, after an anonymous survey, we found that as objects of the holiday novel (usually winter, new year), they prefer Russian dominant women.

Young people, as you know, prefer to look for brides not at the monitor. That is not that they prefer, but it turns out in life – young men see interesting girls around them, fall in love and marry. Young people who turned to online Dating, usually, alas, outright losers. There are normal, but their number is so small, seriously hardly expect to meet with such. The chances that during a thunderstorm in a big city in your umbrella gets lightning – and then higher.

Best dating apps to meet dominant women

So, men on Dating sites usually Mature, and very Mature age. Burned in a relationship, and usually more than once. Suspicious reinsurers. This means that brides are looking for beautiful, young, kind, but flexible and without claims.

A stable myth (or maybe not quite the same myth) that it is the bride from Asian countries are, young, healthy and flexible. Just 10 years ago, Slavic brides enjoyed a similar reputation. Today men of the USA and Western Europe well understood – if the young, beautiful Slavic girl is 20-30 years younger and will agree to marry the Western man, only to change the country of residence. Thai and Filipina of those who married their grandfathers 10 years ago-continue to live with them. Russians in the majority – already divorced. Some of them several times.Asian sex women

Trust your feelings and choose right

An Asian dominant woman would never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. Will not discuss with friends intimate details of family life. Or, if she does, her Asian friend will never tell anyone.

The traditional way of life of people with an Asian worldview is confident: weak – willed and defenseless must be under the power, because this is life, and those who disagree with this-an outrage of natural tranquility and way of life. The way of thinking of Asian countries is always considered to be human rights. As you know, in the course of evolution grows stronger a person departs from the Asian power for a reasonable Outlook of the European mentality. In short, if the worldview of Asia is just learning to honor the prudent and intelligent, the European mentality does not want to recognize the strong.

You can see that little by little, and quite a progressive country of the rising sun – China is moving away from its way of thinking to the European, which previously happened to Japan, although they are still committed to their traditions.

It is also impossible not to note the collectivist culture of Asian countries. For them, one of the main principles of existence in peace and harmony is a kind of taboo on the allocation of the crowd. For example, in China, the lecturer never gave a lecture while standing, only while sitting. Otherwise, it is implied that in this way he puts himself above his students, which is absolutely unacceptable, and can cause aggression and litigation, as these are regarded as an attempt to break into personal space. In European countries, the call for uniqueness and self-expression is considered one of the principles of modern and successful human life. Family traditions are less strong, there is a new attitude to this institution.