Starting correspondence with a foreigner.

Dominant Women

foreignerOften when starting correspondence through marital agencies you get the warning that even when it is the best type of relationship through correspondence there are chances that women or men can suddenly disappear, and even if the man is promising his lady that he is going to visit her someday soon, it is not stopping him from not ever getting back to her. How can something like this can be avoided, and why does it happen, these are the two most important topics.

The statistics say that from fifteen men corresponding with, only one comes for a visit to his lady, or even to a few ladies, per same visit. And that would be nice if realizing who is who, and who the potential future soul mate is, and who is simply playing games or is not serious at all. This way time spent on those fourteen not serious people would be saved, and where will be no regrets about broken dreams linked with them. Eventually when you start communicating with someone, and you do it seriously, than you are giving a pie e of your soul to that person, so it is very hard later to admit that you have done a great mistake. So it is important to learn the lesson and to prevent yourself from the future disappointments, broken dreams and wasted time and eventually money.

So let’s try analyzing, what do we want? Of course we want fate to bring us to a man, or even a few men, who are up to our standards, and who are very serious about us, and were serious about creating a family.


And eventually as soon as Russian bride reads something that she is dreaming about, she allows herself having the thought that everything can work out, and two people can really be together. So what do people offer usually in the first letter, well usually those are some romantic common phrases, like for example “Hi i am Bill, as soon as if saw you, i realized that you are the woman I’ve been seeing in my dreams for many years in a row. I am dreaming about a family in the nearest future, what are your hopes and aspirations?”. Those are the crucial things for a woman, having a family, someday soon, and she is a dream for him, if the woman was lonely for quite a long period of time before, than it will be even easier to trick her, and make her a part of the relation which might lead to nowhere. And that is a classic example of not leading anywhere correspondence, as it continues for a long time, with an exchange of multiple letters, phone calls, and sometimes even a personal meeting, but as soon as the woman, gently asks about the next steps, this kind of man disappears. So dividing a serious man, from a “player” is very easy, the first type of man does things, and the second one, is only speaking about them.

So the first step in order to avoid disappointments would be to stop fantasizing and building castles and happily ever after future, as soon as you meet a guy who pretends to be your perfect match. Take your time and realize that there is some serious work, awaiting you in the future. Analyze the behavior of your man, follow his words and promises, and see which of them he is making true. And as soon as you will see that words are followed with deeds, you will understand that this is your man and you can really start building a future with him.

There is no point in thinking that life will be a fairy tale even after you meet the person you always dreamed about, as it is a must to remember that there is no relationship in the world that wouldn’t require a lot of work upon it, and as soon as realizing this fact, the dream can become true one day. Mutual understanding, and respect towards each other, would always help building a strong and ever lasting relationship.