Russians love romantics and dreamers

Dominant Women

Russian beautyRussian women are worldwide known due to such celebrities like Maria Sharapova and Alina Kabaeva. Men from the West are impressed with the Russian beauty and lots of them would like to learn more about ladies from Russia.

Americans and Europeans who visit Russia for the first time just lose their mind seeing how many hot girls are around. And it doesn’t matter whether you go to Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok – gorgeous Russian women are everywhere!

What do Russian girls like and what they don’t stand? How one could impress them and conquer their heart? Let’s talk about this.

Russians love romantics and dreamers

Women from Russia like when they are loved and treated like princesses. They are not as pragmatic as their Western counterparts. Russians live with their feelings and emotions. For example, a Russian girl would be much happier if you buy a hundred and one roses for her instead of paying your dentist’s bill. She really would!

Western men can be pretty inventive trying to surprise Russian women. Russia is a country than lots of things are cheaper than in the US or Western Europe, therefore coming here from abroad you can definitely afford more.

Actually, you don’t have to discover the continents again – a romantic candlelit dinner in a good restaurant or even a summer picnic under the starts in the countryside would be a great idea. The atmosphere is what matters, not how much money you spent.

Russian women are very generous. They usually don’t require from a man to be very rich and to buy everything for them – though it’s great if you can do it, of course. But Russians are fond of sincere expression of feelings. They just need to get to an unusual situation with a partner and to enjoy it together. So if you are a dreamer who is not afraid of being romantic – you’ve got all the chances!

Young woman playing in snowball fights

Stick to your word

Russian women despise bladders. Saying something without doing it is the worst thing a man could ever do. If you are not sure you can do something – please, don’t say you can do it! No overpromising! It doesn’t work everywhere, but in case with Russian women its total failure. A lady from Russia would never stay with a guy who doesn’t keep his word.

In general Russian people have a bit old-fashioned approach to the roles of men and women. Anyway, Russian girls are worth putting up with such stereotypes. You just need to realize that a man should take initiative. He is supposed to be a breadwinner and the strongest person in the family. Well, it doesn’t matter that Russian girls don’t want to work. They can work and they actually can do it much better than any men. But they still expect that their man will be the head of the family who takes responsibility.

There are many advantages of such a traditional model. If you take the responsibility then it’s you who decides the most important things in your family. That is what Western women hate and Russian women adore.

Russian women adore

Family life

There is no better mother than a Russian woman. They were created to raise children so if you are a guy who has serious intentions – you’ve got all the chances to create a family with a hot bride from Russia.

Russians consider family as the main part of adult life. They have more children as the economic situation in the country gets better after devastating 1990-s. Quite often Russian families living in the West have three or more kids just because they can afford it.

A Russian mother always has time for everything – work, kids and home. But she would be much happier if you take active part if family life too. It’s impossible to be a bad father when you have such a fantastic wife like a Russian woman!