Russian brides in America

Dominant Women

She is love of my lifeRussian ladies are very well aware of the way they look, and of the fact that they love cooking. Jim 46 years old engineer in a oil company, Texas.

I never met a woman from the Eastern Europe, but a few times I was a victim of internet scamming, when on a matchmaking websites with women from Russia or Belarus, or Ukraine i was communicating with gorgeous women, and were sending them money for the visa issues and air ticket to USA, according to their request, and were meeting them in the airport, but no one ever arrived. That is why once i decided that it is about time for me to visit the woman i like, and not to make her visiting me. And i can say that it was a very right choice to make, as i got “dipped” into a completely different culture, and gained an important and interesting experience. Everything went well between us, even better than i was expecting, but a serious problem for me was the fact that she already had a son from her previous marriage, of course I knew about it when i flew to Ukraine in order to meet her, but for some reason i thought I would be able to live with that. When I met the boy, i realized I won’t, and I got scared that when there will be born our own mutual child i will start treating this boy in a bad manner, that is why we talked and thank God she understood me, now Natalie is one of my best friends, and from time to time, i really feel myself stupid for not starting a family with her, and sadly I cannot repair this mistake, as when she and her son paid a friendly visit to me i introduced her to my friend Tony, and now, almost two year after that day, they are raising their mutual daughter Annie (a lovely 2 month old lady) and Boris (son from the previous marriage) for whom Tony was able to become a real father.

I really am happy for them, but sometimes I feel jealous and lonely, and like it is wrong as i was the one who first met Natalie and brought her to the States, but then once again i remember that I was also the one who let her go…

Russian ladies are very confident about their look, and they perfectly realize the things they want from life. With some of them afterwards i communicated over the phone, and all of them were stating that they enjoy cooking, which has become one of the main advantages about Russian women for me, not to mention their main advantage- the beauty! Also they are very attached to their family; I saw how Natalie is treating Tony, and feel happy for my best friend as he found the ultimate happiness in his life. I sincerely believe that couples formed by Russian women and American men do have a great future. No matter the fact I met a few ladies who were not honest with me, I can say that the good and kind ones I met later have made me even more confident about the fact that Slavic women are really trustworthy. I am intrigued and captivated by them.


I believe that language is not a barrier, I do not think that English is more complex than Russian, and anyway, i believe that any person if wants to grow up and develop as a personality, it is important to learn international languages during their all life. The only difficult thing for me is to learn trusting a woman who is far away from me. Distance is a strong enemy for a relationship, but once again, if it’s real, then it works.

Eight months ago i met Katya in Kharkov, I already visited her twice and we get along very well, we communicate every day for hours on a video chat, and on my next trip I plan to propose her, and hopefully she will say yes.

I cannot say that Russian women are more interesting than the American ones, as they are different; they have different priorities, probably because they were born and raised in another type of circumstances. American women are emancipated, and they do not understand that women and men have different functions in the family, i do not say that the man should give orders to his lady, no, i mean that the entire family should be one unit, man who is the provider and woman who is keeping their home cozy and warm. Hopefully someday our women will learn this wisdom from Slavic ones.