Older Dominant Women Courtship

Dominant Women


This article focuses on how to court an older dominant woman. If you are attracted to older alpha females, this article might be helpful and for sure interesting. Every woman, disregards of her age and range of dominance likes to be impressed, to be made feel special and ‘courted’. Have you ever met an older Domme, who was not pleased by an honest, polite and self-assured submissive? It is always helpful to know some rules as it will only make your life more comfortable and you self-confident. Following the rules mentioned below you may find a quest for a compatible older dominant woman less challenging.

Be honest in everything including the information about yourself or the representation of yourself. Don’t make an older dominant woman an unwitting co-conspirator in something that can be unsafe, non-consensual or insane. If the needs and desires of an older dominant lady are different from yours, never try to manipulate her to change her standards.


Be confident and have self-respect. Always keep in mind that strong and submissive are not contradictory notions. Sitting quiet doesn’t mean you are submissive, but boring. If you want to meet an older alpha female, you need to attract her attention. Act the way to give a Dominant confidence in you, your abilities and desires.


Be polite – conversational skills are very important. There is no need to rush into your desires when you meet a dominant female, be polite and take your time. Be patient and let things flow naturally. Never make a full report of your personal data, fetishes, sexual fantasies and the like.


Be patient as it can take several years to find a compatible Domme. You are choosy in your search and so is the older dominant woman. Her belonging to the group you are interested in doesn’t mean she is yours.

Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. This is the major rule. You also don’t like uninvited guests, rude manners, sexual harassment, etc. So, why would you think an older dominant woman would like the same?


Be charming, intriguing, polite and you will see how easier your search of an older dominant woman will become.