Men dominating women and vise versa

Men dominating women and vise versa: is that your cup of tea?

Dominant Women

Why are dominant women so attractive?

Men are seeking dominance online for three reasons: they are experienced in this kind of dating and it’s their real preference; they enjoy light domination from time to time; and they are simply curious. What category are you?

Men dominating women aren’t something new, it’s an archaic form of intimacy based on deepest instincts and dark desires. It’s not rare in modern families even if partners never studied the terms of BDSM dating.

However, refined men and men on high positions are usually choosing the opposite phenomenon – dominant women. Dominatrix becomes a prestigious profession or a true vocation in life. Some women follow it openly and others secretly, but men are never tired of new experiments with them. Black women dominating white men, is a very special delicacy and there are many reasons for that.

  1. Nigerian women are naturally submissive and it’s a well-known fact. Seeing them in an unusual role excites men a lot.
  2. Dominatrix is typically a very beautiful woman, a queen. Black women look especially gorgeous and majestic, like if they were goddesses in flesh.
  3. It’s psychologically easier to interact with other nationalities and races when it comes to experiments and expressing one’s most secret fantasies.
  4. People who place high positions in business, aren’t able to wear this mask 24/7. Our psychic has many facets and we need to release all of them in turn. For a balance, a man who is bossy and powerful at work, needs to obey when his tough day is over. That’s why a professional dominatrix is always paid that high. But amateurs are in a big demand as well and there are plenty of them on dating apps and sites.

black women dominating white men

Dominant women real stories

You’ll never imagine this process in detail until you try or until you get acquainted with people’s real stories. There are special forums and communities where black women dominating white men are sharing their experience. For some of them, it’s a very new and unusual role as well, but if you recall Naomi Campbell with her predatory and super-confident type of beauty, you will make sure some black women are literally created for being a dominatrix. If you’re interested what bothers them and what pleases them, how they live their everyday life, just read below.

“I am soft by nature and I never thought I will be dating like that. But suddenly I noticed how much men crave my initiative, my strong powerful behaviour, and those were very successful men! I studied everything I could find about being a dominatrix, and very soon my first date took place. I was surprised how much I enjoyed being a m’am who allows or rejects each particular caress or action. I have had many meetings since and became more confident in my role. For now I have several constant partners I am meeting with, and they love being my slaves”. – Tina, 28, New York.

“I felt I was a dominatrix since my youngest years, I just didn’t know it is called like that. I could never date guys in a classical way. Once I learned special applications exist, I found my first boyfriend there. He was happy to have me dictating him what to do in a bed or at home. I was proposed a constant job as a black woman dominating white men, but I didn’t want to get paid for my preferences. For now I have a constant partner who loves me and loves being submissive”. – Bella, 32, Los Angeles.dom women

“We used to play games with my brother where I always dominated. It was pleasing him a lot. Later I was finding boys who didn’t like to be leaders in a bed. I was literally attracting them in bars or on the street as they felt I was different from other girls. I’m sure my husband will be a sub as well. I am having great relationships and hook-ups with white men and it’s always an impressive experience. I think other people should also know they can be loved and accepted as they are, with their natural preferences”. – Esther, 26, Chicago.

“Initially, I was hired as a dominatrix and accepted the offer due to the financial crisis in my life. But in the process, I understood it’s an art and I like it very much! Men were so thankful to me for my dominance. They were treating me like a queen. With time, I made it my main occupation and my personal choice too. I have various accessories for dominating men but my main accessory is my voice. They listen to me and obey. I am proposed twice a year but still didn’t meet a person who could become my lifetime slave. I believe this moment will come soon!” – Jessica, 35, Houston.

“This experience completely changed my life. I found myself, found the utmost pleasure, found my vocation and my way to make other people happy. My friend is a psychologist and she told me many people heal their inner traumas and wounds with the help of BDSM. Some need to be lightly submissive and others need a more severe treatment, but results are always positive. They are getting so much relief, keenest pleasure, and healing. It’s much more than just a sexual game. I am proud to be a black girl dominating white men, it starts like an exotic adventure but it brings much bigger results”. – Amanda, 27, Philadelphia.


Why choosing a dom through the app is a good idea

Dominant and submissive behaviour is something you keep for your bedroom and do not demonstrate in society. That’s why it’s more convenient for many to have themed meetings with complete strangers, anonymously. Modern dating apps allow to arrange the meetings secretly. Other men do not hide their preferences at all and want a wife dominatrix. There are special BDSM platforms for them as well.

Finding a gorgeous and strict enough m’am through the Internet makes sense, for many reasons:

  • No matter if you already defined which degree of a woman’s dominance is comfortable for you, or you’re still in your search, – it’s better to deal with an experienced dominatrix, and there are plenty of them on specialized platforms. You just describe the level of severity you prefer, in your profile, and quickly find a compatible dom. She may charge for her services or do this for pleasure, it depends. You may also find a stable partner there if that is your goal. But you won’t be completely happy with an amateur who you are trying to educate by yourself.
  • On the app, you can exchange experience with the others without arranging a real meeting. It’s like a virtual club of common interests and some important information can be found there. It’s less easy to get open with people in real life.Men are seeking dominance online
  • When some bar or real-time club becomes your source of dom women, you risk to meet them over and over again even if you want to avoid them after one or two meetings. There’s no such problem on dating apps. You meet anonymously without giving your personal contacts, enjoy your time together, and then you can find another dom if you want. No one follows you or meets your glance over the glass of drink when you don’t want that.
  • If you like to switch, it’s simpler for you to find doms on one app and subs on another app, than to make agreement with real-time acquaintances who are already established in their roles. Many users and dominant women stories confirm it’s a convenient way of dating and they feel comfortable to switch like that.
  • Finally, you can fulfil any unusual desires with the help of apps not only black women dominating white men. It can be being submissive to a 50+ sugar mommy, dominating a legal teen, BDSM threesome or other experiments. All of them are easier to arrange through dating platforms than through real-time clubs. You choose the criteria and go for that, and it can be different in a few days. Such a variety definitely opens new opportunities and allows you to discover the brightest pleasures of life without any unnecessary stress.