Dominant Women Relationships

Dominant Women

It can become a real nightmare for some guys if they come across a dominant woman. Not all the men like to be controlled and once you get into alpha female’s trap it will be difficult to stand your point of view in future. In a relationship with a dominant woman a man needs to follow the directions of a woman as she will take the decisions in this relationship. There are men, who like being submissive, but following ‘Her’ wishes they start receiving many insults and cannot refuse the lady. The trick here is not letting your woman dominate you; you need to let her know that both are equals in the relationship.

Get your word out!  Learn to refuse and say ‘no’ to your dominant woman; do not let her dominate you. If you show your low self-esteem, the dominant woman will take advantage of this.  Once a dominant woman will realize you are not confident, she will never respect you again. The main thing is to show you are not going to let her dominate you first, so that she cannot dominate you before.

Don’t be a chicken! Make decisions by yourself and lead in the relationship, but don’t follow her. Be strong in making decisions and always stick to them. Make sure your backbone is strong and don’t look for someone else’s appreciation or justification of your decisions.

Never ask for permissions! Some men are very much drawn to their women and they ask for permissions about everything they do or plan to do. Your constant asking for permissions makes you low in your woman’s eyes and results in less respect to you. Learn to take firm decisions without anyone’s justification or shared opinion. Remember it is better to drive than be driven.

Challenge your weakness! It is not a secret that everyone has his/her weaknesses. Learn to challenge them and don’t give anyone a chance to laugh at you and your weaknesses. Learn to appreciate and respect yourself and be proud of who you are. No one can dominate you without your consent.