Dominant Russian Women

Dominant Women

When the topic of Russian dominant women is being discusses, many people are often misunderstanding the concept itself: the dominance can be revealed in different areas of life. Dominant women are women with strong personality and great willpower, very-goal oriented, who can achieve many things in life. From social and economical point of view these women are successful, independent and are never afraid to solve problems, take the initiative in any sphere of life, either it is business or personal life. Alpha females are self-confident and they don’t need to control people, who are weaker than they are. Speaking about sexual side of life – many dominant women are very passionate and like to take control in the bedroom, however, not necessarily they need this dominance in other spheres of relationship and life. As a rule, the partners are equal in the relationship, but a bit of game in bed with a dominant woman will never hurt. You can always switch the power in bed games between the partners. This is a great turn on point for many couples.

Are Russian women dominant? Yes and no. Russian culture and Orthodox Church (most of Russian people belong to it) teach women to be submissive to men and follow their husbands in everything. Today women would like to be treated equally. However, since many men in Russia are drunkards or absentees, Russian women start taking more and more control on any sphere of their life. In case a Russian man is presented physically in a family, he doesn’t do much. Thus, everything lies on the weak shoulders of a Russian woman. To some extend Russian women are forced to become dominant. This is their way to survive.

However, every Russian woman, even a dominant one, searches for love, understanding, trust, respect and commitment. Russian women want to feel weak and be womanly leaning against a strong male shoulder. In a right relationship a Russian woman will remain dominant only in bed, that is a great thing, don’t you agree?

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