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Dominant older women and why they are so desirable

Dominant Women

Real sub men’s experience

If you’re reading this article, you have probably tried dominant women dating already. If you prefer women who lightly dominate and play with you, you might like your peers and younger girls. But if you prefer a more profound female domination, then mature women are your choice. This is what experienced men are telling us:

“I always knew my desire for dominant women is connected with my strict mother who I loved very much. That’s why I tried to find exactly an older woman who would become my stable dom partner. I had different encounters through the years but I only found happiness with my Joanna who is 20 years older and she is a perfect dominatrix. I cannot imagine my sexual life with anyone else now, and it’s thanks to my understanding that I needed someone with strong motherly instincts”. – Steven, 34, Denver.

“I prefer older women because they know what to do. I hate a non-professionalism in sex. A mature person knows her abilities and desires, takes into account your abilities and desires, and creates an exciting game that really rocks. All dominant women dating who I really liked, were much older than me. Our intimacy was qualitative,  sharp, refined, exactly like I wanted it to be. So my answer, why an older dom is better, is her precious experience and perfect knowledge of how to please me”. – Daniel, 38, Toronto.Dominant older women

“My reason to be with mature dominant women is a possibility to make friends with them after sex. They often place good positions and can help out with my career or promising connections. They can take me out to some luxurious place for chosen people, some closed club which I could never enter without them. I mean, it’s another level of life, you can see more facets of it. They are true queens of the world, not only in a bed. A good dominatrix never wastes her time on something stupid. She is either with you in a bedroom or somewhere in a serious place conquering the spheres of business or politics. I am proud I know such strong women personally!” – Pieter, 29, London.

As we can see, men mostly prefer older dominant women because of their valuable experience, instincts of a strict but protective mother, business connections in a society. There can be much more reasons and motives but the fact remains obvious, mature women in BDSM are a real treasure.

Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women

How to find dominant women and examine them

If you didn’t search for a perfect dom yet, you’ll be pleased to know there are special apps for such meetings: KinkD, Vanilla Umbrella, Kinkoo, and others. People are mostly searching for lighter forms of BDSM relationships there, but it can be discussed. There are many sections in the profile helping you to indicate your particular preferences and find a more compatible partner quickly enough.

However, there are some nuances important for your correct choice. If you’re a newcomer or currently under weight of emotions, you’ll not be able to define the best dom for you without those tips.

  • There is a stereotype a true dom is gorgeous. It’s partially true as men need someone to worship and admire. Also, a professional dominatrix tries to create an image of a diva to attract more clients and earn more. But if you aren’t after model looks, better choose someone who looks confident enough to be your strict m’am.
  • Analyze the impression of her face, not only on photos but also on videochats. If she is far too smiling, naive, nervous, and looks like a scared schoolgirl or a vulgar witch, run away: it’s not what you needed for your satisfaction. The same concerns her voice, if audio chat or calls are available.
  • Try to talk a bit about BDSM before you make an appointment. How well does she know the subject? How deep can she go into such topics as bondage and physical punishment? If she sounds like a pro, try to get her.find dominant women
  • It’s obligatory that you ask her to humiliate you verbally or give you some task, in order to test her. You promise to fulfil that task. If you’ve got any experience, you’ll quickly understand whether she knows how to play her role. If you aren’t experienced, just monitor your feelings: are her sentences exciting for you or not? If she disappointed you, do not hesitate to quit. But if she is a true queen who gives commands with grace and makes you horny, invite her!
  • No matter whether you communicate out of your roles on the beginning, or she immediately starts treating you like a dom, you always have a chance to ask her how and when she discovered her preferences. If you’re intuitive and logical, you will easily see whether it’s just a source of possible income for her or a real passion. You don’t want her to slap you simply because she needs to pay her bills. It’s ok that she is simply curious though on a condition that she manages to be a good and appreciated dom. If it’s crucial for you that both partners receive pleasure in the process, you’ll make your conclusions.
  • A true dominatrix knows your interaction with her doesn’t obligatory involve sex. Very often, doesn’t involve at all. Quite the opposite, she is losing her status of a queen if she gets too close physically. Therefore, if a woman starts from cheap seduction and dirty promises, she isn’t your perfect dom.

We aren’t giving any ready formulas or recipes, relying on your common sense and imagination. The most important advice is discussing details of the meeting in advance. Does she have an appropriate wardrobe and all accessories or devices that you prefer? If not, you can suggest your own collection or go buy what you both need. Make sure the place of the meeting, her appearance, her behaviour, her overall image won’t become a bad surprise for you. Take a good care of your excitement.


How to make a dominatrix date you

It’s not easy to become very special for a queen who can have anyone she likes. But you can take a chance and try, why not? Maybe you have tried many times to find dominant women but you go crazy exactly of this one!

Start from defining her real motives and priorities. If she’s after money only, you probably have no chances. But if she enjoys dominating and she isn’t totally detached and distant with you, do your best to become her favourite sub.

After some meetings, you’ll study her well enough to understand what excites her personally. Once you discovered her weak point, do that often!

Most doms don’t like when a sub is setting too many requirements and conditions. So do not exaggerate, set only fair conditions that are pleasant for both of you.mature dominant women

It’s a true rarity and treasure if both of you are flexible and like to switch. Dominant women dating can be so unexpected! You see, if you match well in both cases she’ll chose you as her constant partner with a bigger possibility.

We’re all people and not robots, so not depending on her sexual preferences she still has a family, hobbies, pets, favourite things to do. Maybe other subs see her as a sexual object only; it’s a big advantage of yours if you’re different! Out of the bedroom, you aren’t a slave anymore and you can be initiative: present her tickets to her favourite singer’s concert, buy some premium food for her husky, or whatever. She can reject your attempts of course; but you never know until you try.

Finally, be a good sub. Be a very very good sub who never disappoints his goddess and who admires her as much as she deserves. If it’s her turn on, sooner or later she will see how much she is appreciated by you and she’s not going to find such obedience somewhere else. Dominant older women realize their charm isn’t eternal and they should chose one of their submissive partners to settle down, otherwise they’ll have to end their career in loneliness, coming back to an empty home after dates that bring less and less pleasure to them. Your perfect lady understands that as well, and if you do things right, she’ll eventually create a long-term partnership with you and extend your bitter-sweet togetherness for years.

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