Dating Dominant Women

Dominant Women

Do you date a dominant woman?
If you do, then you know that this sort of relationship has its advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find the information on how to find out if you are dating a dominant woman and how to deal with some of her characteristics and character traits that can be very far from charming.

First of all ask yourself the following questions:
Does your lady like to be in control?
Does she like to be in charge?
Is it important for her to be first in everything?

If the answers are ‘yes’ to all the questions, you most likely are dating a dominant woman. Alpha females possess the same characteristics as dominant men. They want to have the power and authority in the relationship and frequently like taking their partner under control. The dominance is a part of everyone living on earth, but in some people it is more prominent. Alpha females prefer to be “bosses” in the relationship.

The advantages of dating a dominant girl are: she is independent, doesn’t rely on you on every occasion, goal-oriented, etc. The major disadvantage is that such women make their men feel powerless as they take them under their control.

Some tips on how to maintain the relationship with a dominant woman:

Make sure she knows your opinion. Never be afraid to share your opinion. If you don’t agree with your lady, don’t be afraid to tell her this. Always bear in mind that you are equals in relationship.
Make your own decisions. Remaining respectful to your partner, let her know about your decisions, but never forget that they are yours. As long as they don’t hurt or humiliate your partner, you have a right to take them.

Don’t ask your partner for permission. Consider her opinion, but never let her make final decision.

Respect and appreciate yourself.

Though dominant women like power and control, they search, like all of us, love and respect. Learn to show them your love and respect keeping your dignity and self-respect and thus your relationship will be happy for a life-time.