Cocktails to drink

Cocktails to drink for the best hookup in any country

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Cocktails for the best hookup anywhere

There are a lot of alcoholic cocktails for you to try that are well-spread in any place of the world. Besides, they will definitely help you get the best hookup. It is explainable because many women love to drink them to relax but stay conscious at the same time.

However, here you can find a special list with cocktails that works just fine for any type of woman. Make sure to offer to your lady one of them if you feel like she is the one you want to hookup tonight anyway.

The majority of the following cocktails are not that expensive and quite affordable. Additionally, they are so well known that you will easily find a bartender to make them for you in the right way. Just do not hesitate to ask your girl whether shy would like to try one of them first.

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Old Fashioned

It is an extremely popular alcoholic cocktail originated from the USA in the 19th century. Millions of people enjoy Old Fashioned for its simple and quick recipe. Moreover, the taste is so good that almost everyone drinks this cocktail at least once during the evening.

There are many varieties of this cocktail. However, any of them has a light taste of fruit or berries. In addition, it is almost impossible to get drunk completely if you drink only Old Fashioned.Four laughing girls hanging around a man during a party


This well-spread cocktail comes from Mexico. Of course, its taste may seem too sour for some people. Nevertheless, a lot of women prefer Margarita when they want to get drunk too hard.

Besides, this cocktail is definitely for those who like to mix something strong and fresh at the same time. Make sure to try it, especially in South American countries. They still believe that they make the best Margarita in the world.


Oh, this cocktail is just perfect for sipping by the pool or beach. Mojito is a refreshing drink suitable for both men and women. This is the best thing you can get during a warm day. Even though there are many varieties of Mojito, they are all enjoyed all over the world.

In addition, Mojito is literally created for random hookups somewhere in the tropics. It is originated from Cuba where people definitely know how to party and hang out throughout the whole night.Beautiful woman spending her free time with a man in a bar

Final words

Make sure to try these three cocktails if you are traveling around the world. You will notice that every country has its own view on how to mix and pour these cocktails. Moreover, you will learn how to make them yourself once you return home.

Any of the above-mentioned drinks are perfect for drinking with a woman together before having a casual hookup with her.