3 best travel apps to date Hungarian women, Brilic app, Happn, Highlight

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Hungary is a country with lots of beautiful ladies waiting to meet someone perfect for them. Hungarian ladies are into modern technologies, too, and they also like to use apps to find the perfect match for them. What travel apps are the most popular in Hungary and which of them you can install right now to find your second half while traveling to Hungary?

Brilic – how to date Hungarians?

brilic dating app
Hungarian women choose Brilic for its convenient design and for its simplicity. This app helps to find friendship, simple communication and, of course, true love. Brilic is an app which is more oriented to serious relationship between people. Members here can look for partners of the opposite and the same sex as well.

The service of Brilic is worth to be tried because:

  • It offers you wide choice of profiles of Hungarian ladies and you can find them being in any place in the world. Brilic is used worldwide without limits.
  • Brilic offers you only verified profiles of real people who are seriously interested in finding a partner. The team of this service checks the new members and rejects the profiles which are not filled properly and are not meant to be used for serious search. So you may be sure there are from little to no people wasting your time.
  • When you are traveling to Hungary or just have a plan to do so, you may find several ladies and agree to meet in advance. Being close to them is not necessary to have possibility just to write a message.
  • Brilic gives you the opportunity to make your own search among the other members. While many other apps insist on you to choose among the people picked up by the machine based on calculations and comparisons, Brilic allows you to decide who you want to write to. It treats you as an independent person with your own views and decisions.

The level of compatibility between people who chose each other independently is much higher than between those chosen automatically. Because our heart always feels more than a machine can understand.

You can download Brilic on Google Play and App Store – it works properly on both platforms. Give yourself a chance to fall in love – use Brilic and find your perfect match!

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Happn – best to use in Budapest

Happn is an app with mostly European audience and it is used in Budapest very frequently. It is a location-based app which shows who you crossed paths with during the day. Budapest offers lots of wonderful places to meet beautiful Hungarian ladies and Happn, with its locator always on, can help you show your interest to the young lady you were too shy to say hello 20 minutes ago.

hapnn date app

Why should you use Happn to date Hungarian women

  • If you are matched only with people you have crossed paths with you may already have something to talk about, especially in Hungary and its capital Budapest with historic monuments and fascinating legends.
  • You can “like” people secretly so they do not know you like them until they like you, too. So your match always depends on mutual sympathy and you can expect that the person you are a match with is sincere with you. To the point, in Happn the matches are called “crushes”.
  • Users have their company and job title in their profiles so you may do some research before real meeting or at least get an idea of what is their match like. Job in our world determines lots of interests and goals of a person.
  • Happn is available on Google Play and App Store. It works completely well on both platforms, iOS and Android.

Highlight – a bit more than a dating app

Highlight is a location-based app working with GPS help. It shows not only strangers who are nearby but also your friends and people you know who are close to you. You can connect it to your Facebook profile, Instagram or Twitter if you like.

Positive aspects of Highlight app when dating Hungarian women are the following:

  • When you view someone’s profile, you see the number of mutual friends with a person and things in common that you have with him or her. It is helpful when you need to “break the ice” in communication.
  • Highlight allows you to add many things to your profile about your preferences and tastes. You may tell almost everything about you – your favorite music group, film, dish, party places and other details which become important when you search for a partner.
  • There is an interesting function – you can use key words in your search. For example, you put “managers” to date the people who mentioned this job in their profile. Or, if you are into policemen you can use this option, too.

Some people may argue that Highlight is not a dating app but lots of people in Hungary and especially in the most popular touristic city – Budapest, use it for dating and meeting people. So if you found someone you really like you may use this chance – at least in Hungary.